An Old Cookbook

Copyright 1940 – 712 Pages of Recipes

Tuesday, November 5, 1968

Today was Election Day.  My absentee ballot, cast by mail, would have been received in the Glendale, California precinct.  This Presidential election had special significance because of the Vietnam War.

At the afternoon mail call, I received a letter from Jenny and a package from my grandmother.  This parcel was heavy and solid.  My curiosity got the best of me so I opened it right away.  The package was an old Cook Book full of regional recipes from around the country.  The book was a 1st edition, copyright 1940 (5 years before I was born).

Sumo was fascinated with this Regional Cook Book and said, “We should make a dessert to represent the newly-elected President.”  Nixon’s would come from the Western region, Humphrey’s would be from Minnesota and Wallace’s was from the South.  The choices were:

Nixon – Apple Crisp

Humphrey – Apple Cake

Wallace – Apple Fritters

This book of recipes would keep us entertained, but we were limited by available ingredients.  Many of the directions required special equipment, such as a “Meatloaf Ring.”  Reb pointed out that the book was written by and for the “American Housewife.”  It was not designed or intended for military field cooking but was a handy reference, and we enjoyed comparing ideas.

Next Edition:  Ammo Deliveries

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