Ammo Deliveries



Wednesday, November 6, 1968

Someone high up in the chain of command decided our Battery needed more ammo on hand (a lot more).  Top Culverhouse asked if the cooks could help with unloading an ammo delivery.

It was unexpected to have four trucks fully loaded with 155mm rounds (800 total).  Each round weighed 95 lbs. and had an eye bolt at the tip where a fuse would be screwed in before being ready to fire.  There was a line of Marines at each truck, and the rounds were eased onto our shoulders.  We then walked the round to an ammo bunker (holding the eye bolt) and worked it down in front of the bunker entrance.

This process was physical, and after moving a dozen rounds, everyone was sweating.  The gun crews had the task of lining up the rounds in the bunkers which meant dead-lifting them with one hand.

Sumo and I took turns showering before dinner.  When we returned, Reb was making a crumb topping with a combination of flour, oatmeal, brown sugar and melted butter.  Richard Nixon had won the election, and we would serve apple crisp for dessert.

Next Edition:  Fernando’s New Truck

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