AK: AK-47 assault rifle

AO: Airial Observer

ARTY: Artillery

ARVN: Army of Republic of Vietnam

B-40: Rocket Propelled Grenade

BAS: Battalion Aid Station

BOO-COO: Many or large

CAN COUC: Identification card

CAP UNIT: Combined Action Program (Civic Action Platoon)

CA PHE NANG: Hot Coffee

CHIEU HOI: Surrender

CP: Command Post

CONUS: Continental United States

DEROS: Date of expected return from overseas.

DINKY DAU: To Be Crazy


EOD: Explosive Ordinance Disposal

FAM: Familiarization Fire

FDC: Fire Direction Center

FLC: Force Logistics Command

FO: Forward Observer

GRUNTS: Infantry

GUNNY: Gunnery Sergeant

HARDBACK: A plywood hooch

HE: High Explosive

H&I:. Harassment and Interdiction

HOOCH: Dwelling or house

ITR: Infantry Training Regiment

KIA: Killed in Action

LAI DAY: Come here

LP: Listening Post

LZ: Helicopter Landing Zone

M-16: Standard Marine automatic weapon

MESS DECK: Dining Room

MOS: Military Occupational Specialty

MULE: Small motorized platform.

OP: Outpost for observation

PAPA SIERRA: Platoon Sergeant

POGUE: Marines assigned to rear areas

PCH: Pacific Coast Highway

PMI: Primary Marksmanship Instructor

R & R: Rest and relaxation (One week vacation)

SPOOKY: A fixed wing aircraft equipped with Gatling guns.

TEE-TEE: Very small

THAN CUI: Charcoal

VILLE: A collection of houses or huts (slang for village)

VT:. Vertical Timed. (Air Bursts)

WP: White Phosphorus

Grid Map Dai Loc
Grid Map of Dai Loc Sector