Self Doubt

Jenny staying warm
My Thoughts Were On Jenny

Sunday, July 28, 1968

During Sunday brunch I started prepping the New York steaks.  Our new set of cutlery was very sharp and slicing the steaks was now much easier.  My thoughts were on Jenny and her weekend camping trip with college classmates.  I was thankful she had their support, and it would be a good break for her now that summer school was over.

Reb’s “Dear John” letter was disturbing to me.  It created doubts about relationships and the hardship of communicating with such a long turnaround time between letters.  Jenny and I had a strong bond, but this was a real test.  I wondered if anyone on the camping trip would try to make a move on her.  Would her friends tolerate this?

These thoughts swirled in my head and mingled with Reb’s misery over losing DeeDee.  Finally I finished cutting the steaks and cleaned up.  In the process of washing my hands, I looked at my wedding ring and got a lump in my throat . . . How could I ever doubt her?  Jenny was self-reliant, faithful and resilient.  I shook these doubts out of my head and hoped she had enjoyed a fun weekend with friends.

In the Macho world of young Marines, no one talked about these issues  . . . it would be a sign of weakness.

Next Edition:  Jenny’s July Recap

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