Jenny’s July Recap

Glendale Housewarming Party

July 1968 was mostly spent studying and going to a Summer School Sociology class at San Diego State.  I lived with my former roommate, Nancy, in her apartment; she was a good friend and had served as the “Guestbook Lady” (Attendant) at our wedding.  After our morning classes, we usually left campus around noon and went to lunch together.  Then we would study in the afternoon and evening.  There was not much (if any) homework in Summer School, just a comprehensive final exam.

My folks had recently moved to another house (across town) in Glendale.  In mid-July I went there for the weekend when my Dad’s church congregation gave them a big housewarming party in their new home.  It was a tropical theme so I wore my green Muu-Muu which matched Steve’s Hawaiian shirt.  We had bought them for a Luau in Hawaii during R&R.

Our Siamese cat, Gus, had been staying in Glendale while I was living in San Diego that summer.  When I was home visiting Gus and my family, something spooked him, and he ran across the street in front of an oncoming car!  The woman driving couldn’t stop in time and accidentally hit Gus so he spent the weekend at the local Veterinary Hospital.  Fortunately, he wasn’t badly injured, and he came home the next week.  After that incident, Gus lived in Glendale for the rest of the summer as well as the following school semester.

When we finished Summer School, Nancy and I joined a group of college friends for a camping trip to Huntington Lake.  It was the last weekend of July and very hot during the day.  However, at night it cooled off so much that it became “sweatshirt weather” in the early morning.  We had fun getting together with everyone again, but I really missed Steve and wished he was there too!

Jenny and Nancy at Huntington Lake – July 1968

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