No Mail

Thursday, January 16, 1969

Fernando arrived late from FLC.  We received our dry goods order, and after putting away the provisions, we went to mail call.  Occasionally there would be a day when I didn’t get a letter.  Today was one of those days . . . I received no mail and was worried about Jenny’s flu.

It always bothered me to see the disappointed faces of Marines who didn’t get a letter from home.  Reb had been receiving regular mail from Margaret, and today he got two letters from Australia.  Sumo’s wife sent him a card from Japan, and Fernando received two letters from El Paso.

I considered mail to be private and avoided asking about any information contained in the letters.  On the other hand, if someone shared something, it was OK to comment.  Sumo was more nosy and constantly pried into these personal matters.

One of Reb’s letters was from James (Margaret’s photography student).  It was about their art project, and Sumo pressed Reb for more details.  Reb was abrupt, “It’s private!”

Fernando also had a letter from a female friend.  Sumo said, “Who is she?  What’s her name?”  Fernando blushed and repeated Reb’s words, “It is PRIVADO.”  Sumo responded, “I bet it’s Felina.”

Reb said, “Who is Felina?”  Sumo joked,, “You know . . . Feleena, the Mexican maiden from Rosa’s Cantina.”  We all broke out in laughter and tried to remember the lyrics to the Marty Robbins song, “El Paso.”

This distraction brightened my mood.  I was happy for the mail that was received because it was a morale booster.  Nothing was more important than mail.

Next Edition:  My Last New Moon


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