Work Party

thuong duc corridor
View of Thuong Duc Corridor – An Hoa Basin

Sunday, November 24, 1968

The mortars bracketed the GI house and pot shack. Shrapnel holes in the plywood siding and screen would need to be repaired quickly or the flies would take over the mess hall side of the hill.

Top’s big horseshoe tournament was scheduled at 1400 today, but Gunny Pavelcek put the games on hold. A work party was organized to re-screen all the mortar-damaged areas. The 16′ X 16′ plywood walls were removed, and new screen was installed. After the sides were replaced, the shrapnel holes were patched with green squares of plastic.

The GI house looked like a new designer-style of camouflage. Pavelcek named it “Bivouac Green.” In the process of making the repairs, a tail fin from one of the 82mm mortars was unearthed. We cleaned it up and put it on display in the mess deck partition. Reb sketched a waving red flag on a bamboo pole with the words, “Maggie’s Drawers” (a complete miss in target practice).

The horseshoe games started clanging at the designated hour, and Kilo Battery was back in action. The new Corpsmen team of Docs Driscoll and Wayne managed to win the tournament. Top Culverhouse and Hernandez (the battery clerk) came in second. The only prize was bragging rights, and the Corpsmen rubbed it in while passing out the weekly malaria pills.

Later in the evening our guns fired on the sandy beach below Hill 52 and sunk a sampan crossing the river. The NVA’s infiltration through the Thuong Duc Corridor continued.

Command Chronology – Kilo 4/11 – November 1968

Next Edition: Turkeys

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