Present Day – This is where we first kissed in Laguna Beach in 1966

My Vietnam Experience 1968



This story began as a blog on October 20, 2017.  The intention was to relive the experience (50 years ago) chronologically.  Each blog published represents a period of time or an incident from the past.  Most of these pages are an accurate depiction of actual events.  Some are in the spirit of historical fiction.  Many of the characters’ names have been changed because my memory has faded over time.

There was no official diary or log kept during my tour.  The photos I took have writing scrawled on the back, describing the scene or date the picture was taken.  Some details came from the wedding book Jenny kept during our first year of marriage.  Additional information was extracted from the “Command Chronologies” (monthly log entries) maintained in a database at Texas Tech in Lubbock.  These unit accounts have been declassified and are available (free) online.

This historical narrative came as a consequence of discussions with my VA meditation therapist, Cheryl.  The purpose was to embrace these memories of the past, and this endeavor would hopefully lower the levels of anger, anxiety and stress.  This project has allowed me to let go of certain issues (through forgiveness), and I thank her for that gift.  There is now less “crankiness” in my life.

Jenny, my wife and “Editor in Chief,” has managed to keep the story coherent.  She lived through this experience with me and was my rock.  We survived the tour of duty together as a couple . . . not an easy task.

To read our story from the beginning:  Go to the Menu and select START.

This is the end of the blog and beginning of an online book.


4 thoughts on “PREFACE

  1. OFS. Totally enjoyed reading your blog. This is one heck of a story. I’m working on my own story too. I’ve passed on this link to a couple of friends who were with 11 Marines on Hill 65.

    I’m up in Fresno by the way. My wife was at Fresno State at the same time your wife was there — she’s Chinese.

    Again, thanks for sharing your story.


  2. I want to thank you for feeding my brother. He was a grunt in India Co. 3/7 all through 1968. You may have met him, but so many men went through there that it would be impossible to know.
    He was proud of his service, but he came back a changed man. Hot chow was so important, and you made a huge difference for the guys that served there.
    He passed away yesterday, so I’ll never be able to ask him about you; thank you for keeping him fed so that he was able to return to us in 1969.


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