Fernando’s Outlook

Convoy Roadside Ville
Local Farm on Convoy Road

Monday, February 3, 1969

The daily Admin run to Da Nang was Fernando’s primary job.  His truck (2-1/2 ton) was in new condition, and he kept it in good order.  The round trip to FLC and Battalion Headquarters averaged about 6 hours driving time.  Convoy Road was having less incidents with mines, and the drive was becoming routine.  No one knew the road better.

After dinner Fernando wanted to talk about his R&R in Hawaii.  He was scheduled to leave in a week and planned to meet his parents there.  It was going to be a different experience for him.  His main concern was that it was a good vacation for them because they never took time off from their restaurant.

As we talked, I asked if he had any plans after getting out of the Corps.  He was considering a job as a long-haul trucker.  The idea of going to college didn’t appeal to him.  He wanted to “see the country” before settling down.  The girl he was exchanging letters with was a friend of the family, and she was interested in becoming an accountant.  She worked as a part-time bookkeeper for the restaurant.

It seemed to me there was a love interest in the relationship with this “friend,” but the details were too private for Fernando to share.

Fernando’s outlook reminded me of the song, “The Wanderer.”

Oh well, I’m the type of guy who will never settle down

Where pretty girls are, well you know that I’m around . . . 

Next Edition:  Sumo’s Plans

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