Time Zones

Cook trio
Kilo’s Cooks – Sumo, Ptomaine, and Reb – 1968

Thursday, January 30, 1969

It was dark in our hooch, and we were writing letters by candlelight when Fernando commented, “It’s 6:00 am in El Paso (14 hours behind our time).”  He had a circular dial time conversion table.

Sumo had memorized the plus 2-hour time difference in Japan (now 10:00 pm).  His wife had probably just gone to bed.

I played with the dial, and it was 5:00 am on the West Coast . . . Jenny was still asleep in Laguna Beach.  The differences in time zones were easy to calculate, but the dates were confusing.

Sydney was 4 hours ahead of Vietnam, and it was just past midnight on January 31st there.  Reb had often said, “Margaret is always 4 hours ahead of me.”

The time zones, International Date Line and 10-day turnaround in mail communication was disorienting.  I tried not to think about it.  The most important thing to me was my short-timer status.  I am now in single digits, waiting for the freedom bird to take me home.

Next Edition:  Jenny’s Final Update

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