The White Rainbow

Charlie Ridge Sunset
Charlie Ridge Sunset

Monday, January 27, 1969

Breakfast always began in the predawn darkness.  Most of the early risers in the chow line were just getting off guard duty or the late night watch in FDC and the Comm Center.  Later each gun crew would send someone to fill an ammo can with Reb’s doughnuts.  It was a morning routine, and the bulk of the meal was served in the final half hour (0630-0700) as the sun was rising.

Today was unusual.  Hill 65 rose above a low-hanging fog.  The rice paddies and villages were completely obscured by a fine mist.  The morning light was different and felt out of focus (there were no shadows).  Someone started yelling, “RAINBOW.”

The mess hall emptied out, and we all moved toward the road on the crest of the hill.  A huge bright all-white rainbow arced across Charlie Ridge.  It was spectacular and a little spooky.  I had no film for my camera to record this event.

The bow faded quickly and disappeared.  The vision of this phenomena in my head was like a fantasy, and I knew that trying to explain it would be the same as saying, “I saw a UFO.”  No one would believe it . . . but it did happen.

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