Finals Week

OP View
The View Toward An Hoa

Friday, January 24, 1969

Final preparations on the new staff club were underway.  The poncho liner seat covers were fitted over the pink fiberglass chairs, and a bench seat was built into the east-facing wall (a window seat).  So far, the Gunny had acquired bottles of Seagrams 7, Cutty Sark and a frosted bottle of Gilbey’s gin.

Drinking in Vietnam was not my thing.  I enjoyed having a quiet cocktail with Jenny and had partied at the El Toro club with friends, but boozing it up on Hill 65 seemed out of bounds.  My lack of interest annoyed the Gunny.

I read today’s letter from Jenny in the fresh air of the open OP.  It was her last week of college (finals week).  She planned to pack most of her things and move to the Laguna Beach house at the end of the week.  Her instructions to me were, “Send all future notes to Laguna.”  I realized she was probably already there, and our letter writing would soon end.

Over the past year we had learned to communicate with a 10-day turnaround between letters.  Anything arriving in Fresno by mail after today would be forwarded to her in Laguna Beach.

My flight out of Vietnam was scheduled for February 7th, with a 3-day layover in Okinawa (according to Top Culverhouse).  This would get me to MCAS El Toro on the 10th or 11th.  I sent this information to Jenny and promised to call when I arrived.  Then I planned to take a cab to Laguna; it was the quickest way home and not particularly expensive.

Next Edition:  The Bribe

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