fam Fire
FAM FIRE on Hill 65

Saturday, January 18, 1969

Top Culverhouse announced at the morning briefing, “Everyone will FAM FIRE their M-16 before tomorrow’s free beer call.”  This was an organized endeavor, and our names were crossed off his clipboard as we completed the assignment.  I purposely doused my M-16 with solvent just before the exercise, knowing the rifle would be easier to clean while still hot (it was a trick I had learned from an armorer at Division Matches).

We were staggered in groups of four and fired from the sitting position.  The FAM FIRE took place at the dump, and we shot at various objects in the trash.  Marksmanship was not the point . . . we were just firing to make sure our rifles worked.  It was a waste of time and ammo.

Back in our hooch I thoroughly cleaned my weapon and reloaded my magazines.  Hopefully I wouldn’t need to use it in the next 20 days before leaving for CONUS.

During mail call I was a nervous wreck, waiting for my name to be called.  Jenny’s letter was postmarked Porterville, California.  Her fever had broken early Monday morning (she slept through the Super Bowl), and she planned to return to Fresno on Wednesday.  Meanwhile Jenny was taking regular doses of Vicks NyQuil cold and cough medicine.  This news was a relief, and I was thankful that our friends, Mickey and Larry, cared for her.

Next Edition:  CHEERS

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