Upbeat Message

dai phu
Dai Phu School – Orphanage at Base of Hill 65

Tuesday, January 14, 1969

Firefights in Arizona Territory continued along the river.  It was getting increasingly difficult to sleep through the night, and I would sometimes hang out in the OP to watch the action.

Suddenly green tracers started firing near the orphanage at Dai Phu.  It was a one-way fight, and there was no return fire.  I counted four separate guns (AKs) firing in bursts, and they were advancing on something.  BOOM, BOOM, BOOM . . . three quick blasts (probably claymores) and then a humongous amount of red tracers.  There were more explosions and a steady stream of machine gun fire.  It was quite a show but ended abruptly.

During breakfast a squad of Bravo Company grunts returned from the ambush.  They were pumped up over the “probe.”  Four NVA had been killed, but the Marines took no casualties.  Bambino smiled and nodded to Reb; he looked happy. *  He wasn’t a young kid anymore, and he had a swagger.  His transition from boy to seasoned combat Marine was complete . . . it was as if he had consummated his role in the Corps.

At mail call I received a letter from Jenny, and she was upbeat about the orders to Camp Pendleton.  She was pleased we would be in California and especially about being so close to Laguna Beach.  It was a short note; she was drinking hot lemonade for a sore throat and felt achy.  “Now I’m off to bed early so I can hopefully get better soon.  Love and Kisses.”

* See previous blog, “Bambino” December 10, 1968

Next Edition:  Hong Kong Flu

One thought on “Upbeat Message

  1. Awesome post. I was with Echo 2/1 bravo squad. I was in the same spot in 1970,made me so pumped when I read about this fire fight. Wish I could meet these guys. Thanks for the article.


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