Changes at Hill 37

Kitchen Workers
Peeling Potatoes in Produce Room

Monday, January 13, 1969

It had been over a month since visiting Staff Sergeant Lopez at the Hill 37 mess hall. *  In an effort to trade the extra immersion water heater, I made the short trip.  The renovations to the Battalion Compound were obvious, and the mess hall there was much improved.  A new GI (trash) house had just been completed and was exactly the same as ours.

Somehow 1/7 had managed to hire four Vietnamese women workers to replace mess duty Marines.  It was a similar situation to our Battalion Mess on Hill 34.  The women were locals from Dai Loc.

The new immersion water heater was an easy sell to Lopez; he needed it to sanitize the trash cans so we made a trade.  Lopez exchanged four new fiberglass chairs for the water heater.

Back on Hill 65 we assembled the bucket-seat chairs and presented them to Gunny Pavelcek for use in the new club.  To our surprise, the Gunny was hesitant . . . the chairs were pink and didn’t fit the proper image of a staff club.  Top Culverhouse solved the problem by suggesting camouflage seat covers be made from poncho liners.

Mama-San agreed to have the seat covers sewn in Dai Loc by a seamstress.  The arrangements were made, and the covers would be ready in a week.

* See previous blog, “Staff Sergeant Lopez” December 3, 1968

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