Let It Grow

Papa-San – The One-Handed Barber – 1968

Sunday, December 29, 1968

Every Sunday after brunch, Top Culverhouse gave free haircuts.  My “high and tight” was due for a trim, but Culverhouse never compromised his standard buzz cut.  The only other option since Papa-San was killed * was to travel on Convoy Road to the barber at Freedom Hill in Da Nang.

I requested consideration for a short timer “amnesty” haircut (let the top grow out for a crew cut).  Culverhouse cut it skin close to the top of my ears, and then used a comb to taper it to the crown (allowing the top hairs to grow out).  His compromise was justified by the fact that my top hairs were less than an inch long and wouldn’t grow too much before leaving Kilo Battery.

After viewing my haircut in the mirror Culverhouse said, “Get some Brylcreem . . . Just a little dab’ll do ya!”

*  See previous blog, “The Funeral Procession”  May 16, 1968

Civilian Hair Goop

Next Edition:  Mama-San’s Intuition

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