Snacks for the Guard

Reb – Cook, Baker and Sketch Artist

Wednesday, December 25, 1968

Christmas dinner was a success, and the carving stations were a big hit.  We fired up the BBQ outside, and Fernando served the medium rare prime rib.  A few slices on the grill were cooked longer for those Marines who wanted a well-done cut of meat.

Sumo and I took turns carving the boneless hams.  We scored the outer fat cover diagonally and poked whole cloves into the crossings.  They were basted with a honey and maple syrup glaze during the heating process.

Bambino asked permission to eat dinner with a friend from from his platoon so I filled his spot on the serving line.  The two sat together, and I couldn’t help thinking how young they looked . . . they were just boys, celebrating Christmas away from home.

All of us were exhausted after dinner, and I told Reb to sleep in until 2100.  He was worried about the snacks for the guards on duty so I told him, “I’ll take care of it.”  We were supposed to make 20 snack portions every night so I cut six fruitcakes into quarters and re-wrapped them in the foil covering.  No one complained.

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