Christmas Provisions

Treeline In Arizona Territory – Bombed Again

Monday, December 23, 1968

The road sweep to Dai Loc cleared early, and Fernando headed toward Da Nang with instructions to use his judgment while at the supply dock in FLC.  He knew our routine and space available in the walk-in.  Although Fernando’s MOS was motor transport, he lived in our hooch and shared our concerns for provisions we received from FLC.  Also his family owned a restaurant in El Paso, and he had been brought up in the kitchen.  He was very familiar with food and cooking.

Sumo and I outlined a basic menu for the afternoon Christmas dinner, but the main entree (meat) was in question.  We guessed ham or turkey but had to wait to see what was provided.  Either way, we were going to make this meal festive.

The Admin run returned with our supplies, and the meat selection evolved into three “Carving Stations” (roast turkey, honey glazed ham, and prime rib).  The truck arrived late because Fernando parked near the dock of unwanted items and patiently waited as other mess halls unloaded rejects.  The trailer was full of fruitcake, as well as a lone case of black pitted jumbo olives from Lindsay, California.

One turkey was slowly simmering in a stock pot as we went to bed.  The lessons learned from the Thanksgiving experience would help us prepare this feast with less chaos.

Next Edition:  Silent Night

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