Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

mess deck
New Addition to the Mess Hall – 1968

Saturday, December 21, 1968

The thermal containers were returned to the mess hall before lunch.  Word came through the road sweep engineers that the CAP unit enjoyed their hot meal.  They thanked us for the fresh fruit and canned juice.

During lunch Captain Yost came in with the same 1st Lieutenant as the night before.  The Lieutenant motioned to me and said, “Thanks for feeding the CAP unit, we appreciate it.”  I answered, “Yes Sir, any time.”

After they were seated in the Officers mess, Bambino came to me and said, “That’s our CO, Lieutenant Huffman.”  I was surprised that the CO of Bravo Company was only a Lieutenant (officer ranks were thin in the Infantry).

The opportunity to speak with Captain Yost was interrupted, and I was thinking, “Let sleeping dogs lie.”  The battery siren went off signaling a fire mission, and Captain Yost took off running to the Exec Pit.  My steward training instincts told me to clear the Captain’s tray, and as I wiped down the table, Huffman said, “Your CO doesn’t know this mess hall is under his command, does he?”  I laughed out loud and said, “No Sir, please don’t be the spoiler.”  I could tell he wanted to see how this played out and wouldn’t interfere with the situation.

It was a relief to know Captain Yost wasn’t purposefully giving us the silent treatment, and I hoped he wouldn’t be embarrassed when he discovered we were part of Kilo Battery.

Next Edition:  Muddy Horseshoes

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