An Intimate Letter

The Chair
Watching Arizona Territory at Dusk

Saturday, December 14, 1968

The red mailbag was getting bigger each day as Christmas approached.  Packages, cards and letters from family and friends stirred emotions.  There were exchanges of holiday treats (cookies, candy, nuts and peanut brittle, etc. ).  We had no Christmas tree or holiday decor, but the spirit of the season was starting to bloom.

Top Culverhouse was wearing a Santa hat as he called out the names.  My name was called, and I retrieved Jenny’s letter.  Privacy was important to me when reading my mail.  During dinner I snuck out to the OP, opened the thatch door and braced it with the bamboo poles.  The glow of sunset provided enough light to read, and I carefully began opening the envelope when I noticed the XXXX.  Usually Jenny put an XOXO above the seal . . . what did XXXX mean?

She was answering my X-rated letter in no uncertain terms.  “The game is on.”  Whatever pleasure I fantasized for her . . . she would match it.  By the time I finished reading her letter, I was aroused.  It was an intimate and aggressive description of her intentions, in perfect penmanship.  There was a P.S. “Dress Code:  Nude”

Next Edition:  Another New CO

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