Burner Shack – Hill 65 – 1968

Wednesday, November 27, 1968

The race to prepare the Thanksgiving dinner continued.  Our mess men forfeited their afternoon break to help peel 200 pounds of potatoes.  We were running out of containers to store prepped items so we used a new 30 gal. galvanized trash can for the peeled spuds in water.

The Admin truck arrived with our mail, and Jenny said she was planning to leave for Laguna Beach after her Wednesday morning classes.  She was a good driver and had made the trip over the Grapevine many times.  Being apart on holidays was difficult.  I wrote a quick letter to Jenny, knowing she would receive it after the long weekend.  My letters were getting repetitive:  I miss you so much and think of you constantly.

After a two-hour nap I went back to the bakery at 2000.  Sumo would join Reb and me at 2200, and we planned to work through the night, making pumpkin pies from scratch.  The countdown was on; we only had 18 hours before the doors opened for this all-important meal.

Next Edition:  Unexpected Entertainment

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