Langostino Tails

Friday, November 15, 1968

FLC had a special dock at the end of the receiving area.  Anything on this loading area was up for grabs.  Usually the products were overstock or unwanted exotic foods.  It was difficult to load extra supplies on days when we received dry goods, but Fernando managed to get two cases labeled “Langostino” into the small trailer.

None of us knew what it was, and we opened a case to find small lobster-like tails.  Our recipe guide had nothing on this crustacean so we referenced the Regional Cook Book.  It had no recipes either.

Sumo started a large stockpot of salted water boiling and cooked a case of the little reddish orange tails.  The thumb-sized pieces of meat easily pulled out of each shell and curled into a ball.  There was a faint iodine flavor, and they tasted like a cross between shrimp and lobster.

There were 120 in each case so we cut each one in half and substituted them for clams in our chowder recipe.  We served it on the condiment bar at dinner, and it was a great addition to the regular “Southern Meal” * of cornbread, pinto beans, coleslaw, and catfish,

Reb was spending the night at 1st Med, so I had the duty making doughnuts for the morning pastry bar.  I finished by 0100 and managed to get three hours sleep before we opened for breakfast.

* See previous blog, “The Southern Meal” February 23, 1968

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