Lieutenant Westerfield


Napalm Delivery in Arizona

Tuesday, November 12, 1968

We always got the latest news from Fernando who attended the morning muster.  Today’s briefing announced the new Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Westerfield.  He was now the fourth CO since my arrival in January.  There was no Change of Command ceremony or meeting of section heads; we just continued with the daily routine.

All I really knew about Westerfield was that his skills in FDC were unmatched and he knew a lot about the AO’s (Aerial Observers).  Being in FDC also gave him exposure to the Comm Center.  He was the verbal connection between FDC and the Exec Pit.

It seemed to me his leadership style was to work closely with Top Culverhouse, Gunny Pavelcek and not to over manage us.  My focus was on serving three hot meals a day.  Less interaction between the cooks and officers was better for me.

My morale was dependent on mail delivery.  As long as Jenny’s letters arrived, I was happy (even with the 5-day delay).  Another TIME magazine came, and the articles seemed optimistic about the prospect of peace talks.  I didn’t fall for that line of thinking.  We were “locked into” this war.  Talking?  What the Hell?  People are dying here.  There was NOTHING in the November 1st issue about body counts or lives lost.

Next Edition:  Visitor From 1st Med

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