Fernando’s New Truck

hill 34
Outside Headquarters Battery Mess Hall

Thursday, November 7, 1968

Top Culverhouse ordered Fernando to report to the Headquarters Battery motor pool as soon as he arrived in Da Nang.  The Admin truck always pulled a trailer in case there was a surprise delivery.

Today the surprise was a brand new truck.  The M-35 2½ ton vehicle had all the bells and whistles.  The cargo bed was sporting a canvas canopy which made it difficult when transporting troops (there were always 4-6 Marines in the back).  The cover was raised on the sides before returning to Hill 65.  It was a tactical issue in case of an ambush.

Back on the hill it was decided to remove the tarp and supports, leaving the side rails in place.  The fold-down bench seats provided a better ride for the occupants.

During mail call I received a formal invitation to attend a gathering at Division Food Service the next day . . . it emphasized “mandatory.”  I asked Culverhouse, “What is a mandatory gathering?”  He was quick to answer, “It means be there on time and don’t volunteer any information.”  This sounded like trouble to me.

Next Edition:  Birthday Cakes

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