Jenny’s October Update

College Senior
Jenny in Fresno


October, 1968, was a busy month as I was studying and enjoying my final classes at Fresno State College.

Steve’s mother drove to Fresno, with his two younger sisters, to pick me up at the end of the second week.  We then met the rest of the family in Van Nuys for his Aunt’s wedding on October 12.  I stayed in Glendale with my folks, and my Dad attended the ceremony and reception with me.  It was a lovely celebration and a fun weekend trip, but I was sad that Steve could not be with all of us then.

During the month there was an announcement in the Fresno Bee that the President’s older daughter, Lynda Bird Johnson Robb, had given birth to a girl, named Lucinda Deshae Robb.  I sent the newspaper clipping to Steve because Captain Robb had been on Hill 65, in Vietnam, earlier in the year.

The summer Olympics were held in Mexico City in October of 1968, amid violent and deadly riots and political protests.  Two of the U.S. sprinters who placed first and third in the 200-m event became the iconic symbol of the Games when they raised their fists in a “Black Power” salute during their medal ceremony.

On October 20, Jackie Kennedy, President Kennedy’s widow, married Aristotle Onassis on his isle of Skorpios.  The groom, a Greek shipping magnate at age 62, was one of the world’s richest men; and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, age 39, became known as “Jackie O.”

Although I had candy ready for any possible trick-or-treaters, none of the little goblins showed up at my apartment on Halloween.  I was somewhat disappointed, but the entire complex was rather isolated on the outskirts of town so I guess it wasn’t very inviting to a lot of kids.

Anyway that night I spent a lot of time reminiscing about the events of last year after Steve received orders to Vietnam on Halloween, 1967. *  That had been one of the worst days of our lives together (we’d only been married 6 months), and I will never forget it!

Since Steve would be returning home in a few months, I was now looking forward to happier times.  However, it was a little scary because after this much time apart, it seemed like we were starting all over again.  And even though we exchanged letters almost every day, it was like being married to someone I didn’t really know.

* See previous blog, “HALLOWEEN GUT PUNCH” October 1967

Aunt Sue
Kysor Family – Van Nuys, 1968

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