The Share Center

planting rice
Planting Rice

Friday, October 25, 1968

There was a corner area just inside the mess deck which was too small for a table.  It was next to the divider (entrance) to the Officer/Staff mess.  The triangular space was like a nook, and the unused spot was perfect for a small newsstand.

Reb heard about the incident with the imposed newspaper box hanging in the mess deck, and he took it upon himself to build a “SHARE Center.”  It was a handy place to put magazines and hometown newspapers.  I donated my TIME magazines, and we passed the word for others to contribute.  By the time we opened for lunch there were various comic books, a MAD magazine, and someone had dropped off a Bible.

Top Culverhouse was impressed with the idea and suggested we add a shelf underneath for board games (chess, checkers, etc.).  Before dinner Reb added an 8″X11″ calendar to the wall with an X on the days already passed.  Large block letters spelled DEROS:  Date of expected return from overseas . . . the date all Marines in Vietnam were waiting for.

Leggs wrote his name into the October 29th square; he was really getting “short.”

Next Edition:  Bridge Completed

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