Maui Peak Ends

Charlie Ridge Sunset
Charlie Ridge Sunset

Monday, October 21, 1968

The weather system passed, and the blue sky was full of billowy white clouds.  Small waterfalls dotted Charlie Ridge, and the An Hoa Basin slowly drained into the Thu Bon and Vu Gia rivers.

The road to Dai Loc was cleared just before lunch, and Fernando took off to Da Nang on the Admin run.  Hopefully he would retrieve the red nylon mailbag from Battery Headquarters.

We rolled up the canvas weather flaps on our hooch and aired out everything.  It was hard to believe my thermometer registered in the 70’s; it seemed much cooler.

The sun was just above Charlie Ridge when the mail arrived while we were serving dinner.  There were a few extra Marines back on the hill from India Company, and they were happy with the tuna noodle casserole we had prepared (after eating C-rats for two weeks).

Lieutenant Handley announced “Operation Maui Peak has been terminated.”  This news was expected, and our guns would return soon.

I got two letters from Jenny plus an absentee ballot for the election in November.  Reb got a package from Margaret with more photos.  The “collaboration” * continued.

* See previous blog, “Collaborative Art” August 22, 1968

Next Edition:  Bridge Washes Out

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