School Kids
School Kids Near Dai Loc

Thursday, October 17, 1968

The Admin Run returned from Da Nang late.  Convoy Road was a muddy mess, and our weekly dry goods order was soaked.  Some of the cases were so wet they collapsed when picked up.

The truck came back with a visitor.  He was a Staff Sergeant with CID (Criminal Investigation) and had arrived to investigate the fragging incident at India Company. *

Top Culverhouse assigned him to sleep in our hooch.  The situation was very awkward and out of our control.  We set up a cot for him, and he appreciated our hospitality.  Tink was sleeping in the bunker next to our hooch and managed to remain anonymous throughout the CID investigation.

After dinner the Staff Sergeant conducted interviews at the India Company CP and returned to our hooch a few hours later.  Oddly, he never asked us anything about the fragging.

* See previous blog, “Fragging” October 12, 1968

Next Edition:  Tink Returned to Duty

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