Horseshoe Practice

Sunday, October 13, 1968

We had an abundance of chocolate milk in individual cartons.  During Brunch we encouraged everyone to take one to-go.  The disposal of these cartons took up a lot of space in the trash.  We had Tink standing in a trash can near the exit, crushing empty cartons, as the Marines left the mess deck.  By the end of the meal he was 3 feet high on top of the container and still stomping.  Someone started calling cadence, and he marched to the rhythm.  Marines are easily entertained.

The weather was threatening so we decided to roast the New York strips in the ovens, instead of cutting them into steaks.  The potatoes were mashed instead of baked, and Sumo made a rich dark gravy with the de-glazed drippings.  Green beans rounded out the dinner meal.

Top Culverhouse led a practice session of horseshoes for the uninitiated.  He hoped to continue the tournaments when the guns returned from Hill 52.  Reb teamed up with Fernando; it was a good diversion for him.

By now I was becoming a regular weatherman.  There were praying mantises under the eaves, * and the clouds were getting darker.  We prepared the mess hall and hooch areas for another storm.

* See previous blog, “Praying Mantis” June 3, 1968

Next Edition:  Monsoon Season

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