“Book ‘Em, Danno”

Waimea Garden Trail – May 1968

Saturday, October 5, 1968

Another letter from Jenny during mail call made my day.  Her letters lifted my spirit, and I always read them privately in the hooch.  I imagined her sitting in the blue chair in her apartment, updating me on the events of the day.

This letter outlined a new TV series, “Hawaii Five-O.”  It was a police drama based in Honolulu and highlighted the fight against organized crime plaguing the Hawaiian Islands.  The show would always end with the main character, “McGarrett,” saying to his young sidekick Danny, “Book ‘Em Danno.”

It was a little hard to relate to Jenny watching a police drama although the program did have scenes of places we had experienced during our week of R&R in Hawaii. *

I wrote her a letter about memories of our “Naughty Naps” in 323. **

*  See previous blog, “R&R-Hawaii” May 8, 1968

** See previous blog, “Island Tour” May 10, 1968

blue chair
Jenny’s Blue Chair Next to Wall Heater

Next Edition:  Shower Remodel

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