“Sock it To Me”

Military Payment Certificate (MPC)

Tuesday, October 1, 1968

One of the endearing phrases used in the Marine Corps is “The Eagle shits today.”  It is in reference to the Marine Corps emblem (eagle, globe and anchor).  On payday the Eagle shits . . . as in a paycheck.  The pay line went fast, and I added the $20 to my wallet.  I still had $90 (Greenbacks) stashed in the hooch, which was worth $126 to Mama-San in trade for MPC.

Mail call produced a short letter from Jenny.  Her classes were good and kept her busy studying (reading chapters and compiling notes).  She had a small black and white TV and would keep me up to date on the latest programs she watched.  A new comedy “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In” had a non-stop series of sketches with a cast of strange characters.  Jenny explained about a woman named Goldie in a bikini repeatedly saying, “Sock it to me” and how Richard Nixon was a guest on the show and said, “Sock it to Mee?”  (I guess you had to be there).  Communication was difficult, and I sensed there was a gap in our understanding of events back home.

Lieutenant Westerfield, our XO, knocked on our hooch and we answered, “Enter.”  When he came in, we stood at attention as he said, “As you were.”  He told us the six guns were being moved to the base of Hill 52, next to the village of Ha Nha.  He requested that we supply supplemental canned goods, such as juices, fruit and anything to enhance the C-Rations.  We agreed to take care of this with the Gunny.

After Westerfield left we notified Reb about this development, and he decided to make ANZAC biscuits * for transport to Hill 52 with the guns.

*  See previous blog, “The Workbench” August 23, 1968

Next Edition:  Operation Maui Peak

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