Honor Your Brother


Sunday, September 29, 1968

The morning brunch, church services and afternoon steak BBQ brought a sense of normalcy to Hill 65.  We were surrounded by rice fields in all directions, as well as the enemy who was plotting against us.  The Grunts were anxious and wanted to bring the fight to the NVA/VC but couldn’t locate them.

Reb was still quiet, and he was looking at the new photographs from Margaret.  One picture of her was quite erotic.  She was sitting on the edge of her bed (nude) with her back to the camera.  Her hair was wrapped around her neck.  Another photo was of a steaming mug of coffee.  There was also a photo of the coffee lounge . . . before opening, it stood empty in the stark early morning light.

In a short letter, Margaret explained about signing the papers to purchase the business. *  There was a stipulation that its name must be changed (any ideas?); escrow would close in 30 days.

Another point in question concerned the artwork of her brother’s headstone. **  She had framed it in a trilogy . . . her photo was on the left, Reb’s sketch on the right with the collaboration of the two in the middle.  It wasn’t for sale although she had received multiple offers; one bid was for $80.  Margaret was conflicted and wanted to know Reb’s thoughts on these matters.

I presented my opinion:  “This is still about her brother.  Your relationship with Margaret can’t move forward until she lets him go.”  I suggested that Reb tell her, “HONOR YOUR BROTHER.”

*  See previous blog, “Margaret’s Story” August 20, 1968

** See previous blog, “Margaret’s Photos” September 5, 1968

Command Chronology – Kilo 4/11 – September 1968

Next Edition:  Jenny’s September Update

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