Sumo to Tokyo R&R

Sumo before RR
Sumo Sitting On Blast Wall

Friday, September 13, 1968

Reb spent all of his spare time sketching.  The photographs Margaret sent motivated him to “collaborate” with her.  The sketches were proportioned to the photos she had mailed him.  All of them were good renderings and would stand alone as art, but the side by side comparison was stunning (two artists – collaborating).  All of his sketches were signed “Bub.” *

Sumo was leaving a day early in preparation for his Tokyo R&R.  He planned to take a short flight from Tokyo to Iwakuni where his young wife lived with her parents.  He wanted to arrange for a more private setting so they could engage in “intimate activities.”  We got a big laugh at this and thought it made more sense for her to meet him in Tokyo.

Reb packaged his sketches and addressed them to Margaret in Sydney.  Sumo promised to mail them at the Division post office in Da Nang.  Fernando had learned this process and would accompany Sumo with Reb’s package.  I gave Sumo a $10 Greenback and told him to get me a souvenir from Japan (Reb did the same).

We wished Sumo well as the convoy pulled out of Hill 65.  The road had already dried enough from the typhoon to leave a trail of dust down the road.  Reb and I planned to have an intense work week, cooking three meals a day for 400 Marines.

*  See previous blog, “Collaborative Art”  August 22, 1968

Next Edition:  Sergeant Maxwell

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