Sumo Applies For Tokyo R&R

Digging a Fortified Bunker Next to Our New Hooch

Saturday, August 24, 1968

After breakfast Leggs and Reb were hard at work building slots to hold our five fire units in the burner shack.  Of all the mess halls I had visited, there were none with such an elaborate set-up for the burners.  The benefit of all this was organization; everything was in its place and secure.  Our tools were all hanging from handy hooks, and Leggs donated a rubber mallet to our collection of implements.

Top Culverhouse showed up with a clipboard in hand and I said, “Sir, Kilo Mess Hall ready for inspection.”  He poked his head into the shack and said, “Don’t show this to the Gunny.  He will have everyone spit shining their work areas.”  We understood his comment, as the Gunny had his hand in everything.

Culverhouse was here to talk with Sumo regarding the R&R roster.  Sumo was getting high on the priority list and could pick his choice of venue.  Tokyo was his preference because his wife lived in Iwakuni, Japan.  The application for R&R was completed, and the official September roster would be posted soon.

Reb thanked Top Culverhouse for his help in arranging his R&R to Sydney.  Top replied, “Did you get any Poon-Tang?”  Reb turned bright red, and I thought . . . If Top only knew.

Next Edition:  Arizona Ambush

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