India Company – New CO


Captain Robb

Saturday, August 17, 1968

The pastry production was ramped up to accommodate our full strength Battery.  After a week of being the night baker, I was looking forward to Reb’s return.  Subsequent to mixing a 100-portion batch of sweet dough, I went to the hooch to take a short nap.

Sumo surprised me with the news, “Oh, I forgot to tell you . . . Captain Robb is gone.”  India Company had a new CO.  Robb had come in for his bacon, scrambled egg and tomato juice (late as usual) and ate alone.  At lunch some of the India Marines were celebrating his departure.

Following four months of duty as a Company Commander, Robb was sent to the rear.  It was a “Gift” for the cooks.  His irregular eating times and constant whining were annoying, and it was a load off our backs.

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