The Guns Return

Friday, August 16, 1968


During lunch Lieutenant Skoog informed us the 4 guns at Thuong Duc would return in time for dinner.  The additional 40-plus meals put our plans of serving meatloaf in danger of running short.  Sumo changed the menu to spaghetti with meat sauce and started making a spread for garlic toast.

Sumo never woke me up, and I was surprised to hear the rattle and grind of the tracked vehicles rolling into our compound.  The dust cloud told the story, and I got up to assist serving dinner.

The meat sauce was slightly sweet because Sumo added a #10 can of catsup to the sauce in order to extend it . . . it was tasty.  The happy homecoming was complete as Gunny Pavelcek loaded his tray and said, “Mamma Mia.”  Captain Robb was next to the Gunny and commented, “I don’t suppose you have any grated parmesan cheese?”  He looked at me, waiting for an answer and I said, “No Sir, and there is no Chianti either.”  Pavelcek laughed out loud and announced, “But we do have Ballantine beer.”

There was a collective groan at the thought of our beer situation.  We were overstocked with rusty cans of Ballantine beer and had to drink through the inventory before buying more.  The Gunny had secured a deal on this beer that no one liked.  Beer was purchased through the Kilo Battery club fund.

Next Edition:  India Company — New CO

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