Laundry Delivery

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Wednesday, August 14, 1968

Mama-San delivered laundry to the cooks on Wednesdays.  We allowed her and her helpers (Hoa and Hue) in our hooch to deposit the folded uniforms.

Other units had “hooch maids” who cleaned and maintained their quarters, but the cooks on Hill 65 chose not to have this frivolous assistance.  It was rumored that these girls provided “other services” at Battalion Headquarters.

There was commotion and laughter in our hooch as the laundry was delivered.  The Vietnamese were in hysterics over the addition of my new bunk. *  They thought this was an example of American “Conspicuous Consumption” (maybe it was).

Most Vietnamese slept on a woven mat rolled out on a dirt floor.  The concept of sleeping on a bed with a mattress was a preposterous idea to them.  Sumo got a big laugh too . . . he and his wife slept on a padded mat in Japan.

I allowed Mama-San and her helpers to try out the mattress, and we all laughed hilariously.  Some days were better than others.

*  See previous blog, “A Real Bunk”  August 10, 1968

Next Edition:  The Guns Return

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