Division Dispersing Center

oiled roads
Newly Oiled Road

Wednesday, July 10, 1968

The new battery Gunny (Pavelcek) hung out in the Officer/Staff mess after breakfast.  He was pondering a checklist of work parties and preparing to assign tasks at the morning muster.  He asked, “What outpost are the cooks assigned during “incoming” threats?  My answer was, “We have no assigned post.”  He said he would be back after the muster to review this issue.

Sumo suggested I go to Da Nang and turn in the dry goods requisition.  We discussed the order and made adjustments to include more canned fruit (it was an easy substitute if something ran out).

Pavelcek returned from the muster, and we reviewed his plan for defensive assignments during an attack.  He re-positioned a 50 cal. machine gun to the roof of the CP and wanted the cooks to man this weapon.  The only question I had was, “Three of us on the roof?”  He consented and said, “Yes, two are enough.”  I showed him our bunker and how it was positioned to defend the slope below the mess hall.  We agreed this would be Sumo’s primary spot during incoming attacks.

The convoy to Da Nang was not as dusty; the dirt road had been oiled, and this allowed the vehicles to travel somewhat faster.  We stopped at Freedom Hill, and I went into the Dispersing Center to get paid.  I exchanged a $10 MPC note for a new one (it had faded from moisture).  Now I had $30 in MPC (plus $90 in greenbacks).

At FLC we picked up our food allotment and turned in the requisition.  The dock with extra food for the taking had cases of “Pork Butt” so I loaded three cases.  After picking up ice and bread from the bakery, we headed back to Hill 65.

Next Edition:  Pulled Pork

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