Jenny’s June Update


Jenny in New “Mini.”

In early June I spent some time studying for finals and getting ready to move to San Diego for the summer.

I also voted in the Democratic Presidential Primary Election in California.  When I was watching the election results on TV, it was shocking to learn that Robert Kennedy had been shot as he was leaving a Los Angeles hotel, after winning the California Democratic Primary.  The next day it was announced that he had died from his injuries, and the whole country was upset by the news of another assassination!

On June 16, I attended my sister, Chris’ graduation from Stanford University with my family.  I bought a new mini-dress for the occasion, and we went on a tour of the campus, in addition to the commencement ceremony.  In hindsight, I probably should have reconsidered the long sleeves because it was pretty hot in Palo Alto that weekend.

The following week I started summer school at San Diego State with my friend and former roommate, Nancy.  Every morning we went to a 2-hour lecture class, and then I waited a couple more hours while she attended another class.  Usually I spent that time at a shaded table in the quad, writing letters to Steve and/or studying.  The Sociology of the Family class that Nancy and I took together was not graded.  It was on a pass/fail basis, and we got credit for the units after we passed the class.  Then I could transfer those 3 units to Fresno and apply them toward my eventual BA degree in Social Science.

While I enjoyed the summer in San Diego with Nancy, I was anxious to get back to Fresno in the fall because then it would be that much closer to when Steve returned home from Vietnam.

Jenny and Chris at Stanford Graduation

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