Wednesday, June 26, 1968


Captain Cavagnol informed Doc Furman that we were to set up an impromptu “MEDCAP” (Medical Civil Action Program).  It would be held in the school/ church yard across Route 4 from our compound.  I was told to help Doc where I could and also provide security.  The mission was to give basic outpatient care to anyone who showed up.

The fact that there was no advanced announcement of this event became clear as only a handful of children appeared.  Treating the kids was easy (mostly skin conditions) which required demonstrating how to apply calamine lotion to a rash.  Adults were superstitious about medicine and avoided any treatment.  Although they allowed the children to be treated.

Doc passed out little bars of soap, and Cavagnol interpreted for us.  It didn’t seem to be a very successful encounter, but we promised to return on Saturday for a follow-up visit.

As we were getting ready to leave, one of the women volleyball players showed up with her young daughter.  The girl had an earache, and elevated temperature.  Furman diagnosed her condition as an ear infection and gave her some cough medicine and ear drops.  He had no other medications to offer.

Command Chronology – Kilo 4/11 – June 1968

Next Edition:  ARVN Rangers

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