Jenny’s May Update

Jenny in Hawaii – R&R – 1968

In 1968, the month of May was bittersweet.

I finished writing my “Lewis and Clark Expedition” report on a portable Smith-Corona typewriter and turned it in to my history professor before leaving for R&R in Hawaii.

Although Steve and I were not together on our first anniversary (May 6, 1968), we celebrated in Hawaii the following week.  It was wonderful to reunite for six days in that tropical paradise!  We were content just to be together again, and it didn’t seem to matter what we did while in Hawaii.  R&R really was like a second honeymoon, and we were happy in each other’s company for that brief period of time during the whole year.  When the week was over though, it was extremely difficult to say goodbye once more.  Finally we hugged, kissed and cried before Steve had to board his plane at the Honolulu Airport.

Later I boarded my flight home to Los Angeles (LAX) with a plane full of military wives.  While we were waiting to take off, the woman in the seat next to me asked if anyone else was “sore.”  We all laughed, and everyone answered, “YES!”  It had been a week full of many pleasurable memories as well as lots of sex.

When I returned to school in Fresno, my term paper on the “Lewis and Clark Expedition” had been graded, and I got an A-.  I was pleased with the outcome as I did enjoy that US History class.

On May 22, 1968, I attended our friends’ (Mickey and Larry) wedding at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Porterville.  Since my Dad was an Episcopal priest, he had agreed to marry them.  After a small ceremony and reception, I drove the newlyweds to the Fresno Airport where they departed for their honeymoon in San Francisco.

The rest of the month was filled with studying for finals in early June.  Also, I was getting ready to move to San Diego in order to take a Sociology class (which wasn’t offered in Fresno) during Summer School.  My friend and former roommate, Nancy, had invited me to share her apartment while we both took the same class together at San Diego State College.

May had been mostly a good month, but there was also much sadness when Steve returned to Vietnam after R&R.  Now we had to wait another nine months before we would see each other again . . . it seemed like almost an eternity at the time!

lewis & clark
Term Paper

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