Ala Moana Center

Sunday, May 12, 1968

We enjoyed a leisurely brunch in the International Market Place.  It was one place where we frequently used our Traveler’s Checks.  Jenny brought $500 in American Express checks to Hawaii, and that was our budget.

There was a Trader Vic’s in the Market Place so we took advantage of the price and purchased a bottle of dark rum.  The juice bar had custom juice blends; we got a carton of their fresh Mai Tai mix, along with disposable cups.  We stored the juice in an ice bucket in 323.

During the afternoon we sipped Mai Tai’s on the balcony and discussed Jenny’s plan to attend summer school at San Diego State.  She needed a class that wasn’t offered in Fresno that summer.  Jenny’s friend, Nancy (a former Fresno roommate), had suggested they share her San Diego apartment during the summer session.  The change of address would complicate our communication, but we would work through it.

Later we decided to go to the big Ala Moana Shopping Center.  I needed sandals (instead of flip flops) for the Luau on Monday night.  The Luau was part of the package through the travel agent.  It was fun shopping together, and we found a nice pair of leather huaraches.  They were much more comfortable than the flip flops.

As we returned to the Reef Tower, we noticed a nearby night club, “The Lemon Tree.”  It looked like a hot spot so we went to check it out.  The band playing was “Stark Naked and the Car Thieves,” and we listened to their signature song, Look Back in Love.  The bar was packed with military guys looking for love — we didn’t stay long.

While walking back to the hotel, we saw the full moon overhead and decided to change into our swimwear and walk on the beach.  The ocean sparkled in the moonlight, and there were other couples walking on the sand and in the water.  The surf was calm so we eased our way in.  The sea temperature was warmer than the night air, and we lingered until our urges brought us back to Room 323 . . . making love by moonlight is magical!

Next Edition:  The Luau

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