Island Tour

Waimea Garden Trail – May 1968

Friday, May 10, 1968

Jenny and I knew nothing about “jet lag.”  We had just flown toward each other through multiple time zones.  Four months without sex had intersected with this flight path, and the combined effect was about to catch up to us . . . the alcohol may have also been a contributing factor.

We decided to rent a car for three days;  with a full tank of gas and a map of Oahu, we headed out.  Our first stop was the Dole pineapple fields where we sampled fresh harvested pineapple.  It was delicious and much sweeter than any canned or store-bought pineapple.

Moving on, we visited Waimea and the beautiful garden trail to the falls.  There were surprisingly few tourists along the way, and tropical birds were singing (squawking); it was very exotic.

We stopped at the Polynesian Cultural Center, but it was crowded with buses and had a big admission fee.  The drive then took us to Sunset Beach, and I waded out in a calm surf.  I wanted to give my recovering hand another soaking in seawater.

Next was Kaneohe Bay.  It was home to a Marine Corps Air Station and seemed like an interesting place for duty.  We were getting tired and didn’t stop.  The Pali Highway was beautiful; we passed Lulumahu Falls and Nuuanu Punchbowl Cemetery of the Pacific.

Finally we arrived at the Reef Tower and went straight to 323.  The room was hot and humid; we stripped down and got in the shower, then piled into bed.  As tired as we were . . . it turned into another hot, sweaty and “Naughty Nap.”

We slept off the jet lag!

Waimea Falls

Next Edition:  USS Arizona Memorial

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