Thursday, May 9, 1968

I woke up to the brilliant glow of the sun rising on the sheer drapes of our balcony window.  Jenny was snoring softly next to me, and I laid still, listening to the rhythm of her breathing.  She stirred, took a deep breath and sat up with her feet off the side of the bed.  We were still nude, and I could see her profile illuminated in the sunlight.  After having a few hours’ sleep, I was refreshed and aroused.  I pretended to be asleep as she reached for her glasses, but she saw me peeking with one eye open.

I said, “You caught me.”  She smiled, grabbed the sheet and pulled it back, exposing me, “Whoa!  You have a tan line.”  We took advantage of the bright light and got visually reacquainted with each other.  The observation session was brief as her glasses came off, and we got tangled in the sheets.

After a short cuddle and some “after play,” we rinsed off in the shower and got dressed.  My only clothing was the khaki uniform (plus the new white skivvies).  Jenny helped me dress and tie my shoes.  She gave me a full inspection before we headed out for something to eat and shopping.

The International Market Place was only a block away and had everything we needed:  breakfast, coffee, flowered shirts, swim trunks, etc.  We spent the morning shopping together and getting outfitted for R&R.

Back in our room we discussed the issue of changing my dressing.  Lieutenant Clark had been adamant, “You need to have the dressing changed daily at Fort DeRussy.”  I made the decision to go surfing first, and we changed into swimwear.  As we were leaving for the beach, the maid was in the hallway, and she helped fit my bandaged hand into a plastic bag secured with a rubber band.

Down at the beach I rented a surfboard, and we laid our towels out.  I rubbed some Coppertone on Jenny’s back and shoulders before heading into the water.  The plastic bag was an instant failure.  It leaked, and the bandage was saturated with saltwater.  I removed the bag, put it in my trunks and continued to surf until the bandage started to come off.  I gave up on the surfing and turned the board in early.

Jenny held the bag as I unraveled the bandage and carefully removed the dressing . . . my hand had healed.  The skin was new and tender, and I could flex my fingers.  I believe the saltwater was absorbed into the pores which helped shed the remaining layer of loose dried skin.  I spent more time in the water; my hand started to shrivel and had almost been completely restored.  It was a miracle!

I was worried about Jenny getting too much sun on our first day so we returned to our room.  I slathered my hand with the sun-tan lotion, and it was sucked up by the new tissue.  There were fresh sheets on the bed; we rinsed off the saltwater residue in the shower and enjoyed a “Naughty Nap.”

We stayed in the room until late afternoon and then decided to go out for a drink.  Across the street was a busy steakhouse, and we found a cozy table in the downstairs cocktail lounge (Chuck’s Cellar).  It was Happy Hour so we took advantage of the discounted drinks and some free Hors d’oeuvres (rumaki and meatballs).  There was a piano player and two guitarists playing “Tiny Bubbles,” and we enjoyed the intimate casual space with a few other couples.  Someone sent us a round of drinks and then another . . . we were already buzzed and had two rounds waiting.  Eventually we finished the drinks and happily found our way back to Room 323.


The Cellar Lounge – Waikiki

Next Edition:  Island Tour

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