Another Payday

Wednesday, May 1, 1968

Both Wilson and I were paid by the Dispersing Officer before we headed to Da Nang.  We drove straight to FLC and turned in our weekly order before receiving the daily allotment.  The surplus dock was loaded with various cases of seafood from Japan, and I noticed some cases of shrimp marked U/12 which were classified as “Colossal.”  Further investigation revealed some sea scallops marked U/10.  We loaded three cases of each in the truck.

Leggs had taken apart the faulty burner (the one I lit up with gas) and discovered the iron “mixing chamber” was cracked.  He said it was like having  a cracked block in a car engine, and it should be replaced.  I brought the burner unit in the truck to Da Nang and went to the Code-X supply desk to try and exchange it.  The clerk told me the unit needed to be unserviceable in order to exchange it so I explained the issue to him.  After a lot of haggling, the NCO in charge said, “Just give him a new unit.”  This new burner would help make things more efficient and allow more flexibility with cooking schedules.

We treated ourselves to a trip to the Division PX on Freedom Hill.  After Wilson shopped, I went in and purchased a new khaki uniform for R&R and turned it in at the laundry/alterations counter to sew on new stripes and have it pressed.  I also bought the new ribbons earned from my tour.  I wanted to look sharp for Jenny in Hawaii.

Another dressing change at the Dispensary and we were back on the road to Hill 65.  Sumo was ecstatic with the shrimp and scallops.  He was planning some sort of Asian feast.

Next Edition:  Jenny’s April Recap

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