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Present Day – This is where we first kissed in Laguna Beach.

We have been writing this blog since October 31 (Halloween) and have received feedback from many of our readers.  Overwhelmingly, the majority of the positive response is about the images and photography we have published.  The most common question has been:  “How do you remember all these details?”

In response to the photos . . . It was a hobby, and I’m amazed the Kodak pictures have lasted this long.  I tried to photo-shop a few of them, but decided (early on) to publish them as they are, for authenticity.  Most of the remaining photos are black and white as I was trying to save money.

As far as remembering all the details . . . I don’t.  The Command Chronologies (daily journals) from the war have been declassified and are stored in a database at Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas.  These monthly unit journals are available for anyone to download (free).  Sometimes a log entry will help me recall the date of an event, and I’ll fill in the blanks with dialog as I remember it.  Some incidents are burned into my memory and are impossible to forget.

This blog is a story of the circumstances and experiences of “Our” tour.  For me, it has become more of a love story.  Reliving this part of our lives (Vietnam) through the blog has brought Jenny and me closer together, and on several occasions the memories have caused tears . . . the separation was difficult for both of us.

Thank you for the feedback – we enjoy hearing from you.  At some point someone may say, “TMI” . . . Jenny is my editor, and she tries to keep the blog under control!

Next Edition:  11th Marines XO Inspection

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