Force Logistics Command (FLC)

Wednesday, April 17, 1968

We arrived at 4/11 Headquarters before lunch, and Gunny Sampson issued me some inventory/order forms to place my order for the weekly dry goods.  The supplies Reb requested were on the list so I included them, along with cases of cake mix and pie fillings we had never seen before.

PFC Wilson drove the short trip to FLC, and although Da Nang was busy with traffic, the trip took less than 20 minutes.  We stopped at the dry goods loading zone, and I took our order into the dispatcher’s office.  They were expecting us and confirmed we were to start receiving a regular allotment tomorrow.  I was about to leave when a Sergeant asked if we had a thermal container for ice.  Since I answered in the negative, he issued me a chit for an ice box.  Then Wilson drove to the ice house, and we acquired the container which fit tightly, filling half the trailer.  I asked if we could receive ice today, and we were issued three 100-lb. blocks.

We ate lunch at Battalion Headquarters and then picked up the red nylon mailbag from the office, as Major Catoe pulled up in his Jeep.  He had gone to Hill 37 and issued notice of the change to draw our own food directly from FLC.  When he complained to their Adjutant about the missing Virginia hams for Easter, they claimed it was a misunderstanding and gave him two cases of canned Dubuque ham as a substitute.  We transferred the cases of ham to our new ice chest and headed back to Hill 65 on Convoy Road.

Command Chronology – Kilo 4/11 April 1968

Next Edition:  11th Marines XO Inspection

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