Robb Joins Troops in the Field

Tuesday, April 16, 1968

The Gunny’s work party completed the job of weatherizing the walk-in. Reb was busy making a storage shelf inside the reefer unit. The dimensions of this shelf were very specific, 60″ long and 15″ wide, and he was using his cake pans for measurement. I didn’t question his work – he would tell me soon enough.

We were informed that Captain Robb had joined two of his platoons in the field, and the third platoon remained on Hill 65 as their CP (command post). From our point of view, it was fewer mouths to feed and less mess to clean up. Lieutenant Nowicki was now in charge of the India Company detail on Hill 65, and they provided security.

Later the Admin truck returned from Da Nang, and Top Culverhouse gave me a heads-up; Major Catoe was planning to visit Hill 37 tomorrow to inform them of Kilo battery’s intention to obtain supplies directly from FLC. Culverhouse instructed me to consult with Gunny Sampson at Battalion Headquarters and place an order for the weekly dry goods we would receive on Thursday.

In the early evening I was relaxing in my chair and writing a letter when Reb approached me with a request. He wanted me to add flavorings to the order: maple, lemon, almond, vanilla and four cases of Jello (red, orange, yellow and green). I confirmed I would include these items and asked if any of this had to do with the shelf he’d built. He blushed and said, “Yes, the shelf will hold four cake pans of Jello,” and he could cross stack them four high (16 pans in all). He called it “Rainbow Jello.” After Reb left, Sumo came out of the hooch behind me . . . he had overheard our conversation, and we shared a good laugh.

Next Edition: Force Logistics Command (FLC)

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