Finishing Touches

Reinforced Hooch and My Folding Chair in Foreground Facing Arizona Territory

Monday, April 15, 1968

After breakfast Captain Cavagnol, Top Culverhouse and I had a sit-down strategy session in the officers mess.  Cavagnol thanked me for “staying in the chain of command,” and he assured me there would be no servers (stewards) used in our facility.  He wanted to know if I had any concerns regarding Captain Robb’s relationship with our unit.  I told him I was comfortable taking orders from the Kilo battery chain of command.  Both Cavagnol and Culverhouse agreed, but it remained a sensitive issue, and I was still obligated to be respectful at all times (I had been).

The subject changed to our breaking free of the dependence on support from Hill 37.  Cavagnol proposed we make the switch to receiving our own food allotment as soon as possible, and we all consented.  There would be no need for a truck and driver to go to Hill 37; the Admin truck, driven by PFC Wilson, would make the trip to FLC daily.

After the meeting Cavagnol inspected the walk-in and suggested we wrap the exterior with cardboard insulation covered with green rubberized plastic.  He wanted the walk-in to be weatherized.  We all agreed on this, and the battery Gunny would supervise a work party to complete the endeavor.  Our hooch was already weatherized and served as the example for the work party.

weatherized hooch
Our Weatherized Hooch and Shower

Next Edition:  Robb Joins Troops in the Field

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