Temperature Log

Thursday, April 11, 1968

Captain Robb arrived from Hill 37 in time for lunch and came through the chow line with Captain Cavagnol.  Sumo had concocted a spaghetti with marinara sauce entree which was accompanied by grilled garlic toast.  We also had a tossed salad on the condiment table.  Warm fruit punch (Kool-Aid with canned pineapple juice) was the beverage . . . no ice available.

After lunch Cavagnol took Robb on a tour of the galley and introduced us, explaining all the improvements we had accomplished since TET.  Robb asked, “Are you getting proper supplies from Hill 37?”  It was a loaded question, and I knew he had been given a heads-up on our situation.  I answered, “Sir, we’re working on that.”  He said, “Well if I can help, just let me know.”  I lied, “Yes Sir, I will.”

Our plan to work around being supplied by Hill 37 was almost complete, but we needed to have refrigeration first.  Our efforts on building a walk-in refrigerator were finished, and Leggs spent much of his spare time connecting the reefer unit to our handiwork.  It was now running, and we initiated a temperature log.  Every three hours we recorded the temperature.  It started with 84 degrees at 1800.  At 2100 the temperature dropped to 60.

After showering and writing to Jenny, I went to bed wondering if this project would work.  I had asked Reb to record the temperature at midnight and wake me if there were any issues.  The soft putter of the compressor would recycle every so often; it was a new sound and another adjustment for our brains.

Next Edition:  Weather Stripping

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